Chapter 1: Do You Know A God Girl?

“The life of a God Girl centres around not what others think or do to her but who he is. She defines her life by the fact that she belongs to him.”

For a long time, I was defining who I was (and even how “good” of christian I was) by how other people saw me. I also was defining things by how I looked, how I came across or even how confident I was compared to others, which quite often, was not at all.

At school, I wasn’t really anything or didn’t really belong anywhere, I just was. But if you were to ask people in my year, most would probably say I was an average, some what nerdy christian girl. And I still am that today, except now, I don’t mind being a little bit nerdy. Especially when it comes to Glee and graphic design, but that alone is a whole other level of insane. And over the years, the ‘christian’ label has become so much of who I am that it is no longer something I have to remind people of. Like the me during high school, it just is. This is because it is in everything I do. Separate to nothing and involved in everything.

I am many things. I am an aspiring designer, I am a sister, a daughter, a friend, an aunty. These are some of my labels. But alone they do not define me. What defines me is who I am and who I am becoming in Christ. I belong to God, and I let who he is define who I am. By definition, I am a ‘God Girl’.


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