Glee in 3D.

My weeks usually consist of the same thing, which isn’t a bad thing, but it definitely leaves a small window of new things to blog about. But one thing I did do this week, is see the Glee 3D concert movie. Actually, I saw it last night and as everyone knows, or as I mentioned in my last post, I am a huge Glee fan. I am also aware that a lot of people despise it, because they hate the cast or because they think they are “superficial” or because it’s one big stereotype, or because they hate musicals. As a fan, I can also see the things about Glee that make people hate it. I see them and I choose to love it despite of those things. Because at the end of the day, it’s just a show that makes me happy to watch. And happy is good.

So back to the movie. 
I loved it. I had followed the concert online through tumblr so I knew what to expect. I knew what outfits went to what song and I knew what was meant to go where. And it was a really good summary of the concert.  I sang along obnoxiously out of tune, I had all my favourite bits and I without a doubt stayed back until after the credits to see ‘somebody to love’.
I loved the back stage stuff, the warblers and watching the cast fighting giggles when trying to stay in character. Lea Michele was hilarious, as was Heather Morris.
The 3d effect was also great, not too much, but enough to get your money’s worth.
I also loved how they have woven fan stories into the movie. Each one of them was absolutely beautiful and it really goes to show how one show, and one cast, can really change people’s lives.
One thing I would have liked to see was what is now dubbed the ‘Klaine’ scene, which featured Kurt, Blaine and Brittany in a cute little skit and I would have also liked to see Colfer’s performance of single ladies, but it was an encore item which wouldn’t have really fit into how they played out the concert on the big screen.

The movie was great, but honestly, would you expect anything else from such a huge fan? Probably not.
So this was my short, and incredibly self-controlled review of the Glee movie. If you had been in the cinema with me, or if you are game enough to ask me in person, you are going to get more of a “asdfghjk/ snajsg oh my gaga, asertyuiknbvcvbn akdddndh!23elrpodsd” response.  
Don’t say I did’t warn you.

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