Things I wish I understood but I don’t: Fashion

I don’t consider myself an expert in fashion: I buy Vogue, watch Project Runway and judge the designers and their style like I’m Valentino*, or Rachel Zoe*, but I honestly have no clue on anything at all. But as the blog title suggests, it is something I wish I knew a bit more about then simply ‘what goes with what’. So I try and learn things and I can tell you right now, if I had the money, I would have the expensive taste to go with it. And in my endeavour to learn, I try to keep on top of what is coming in (and going out) each season. 
So can you imagine my surprise when I was shopping the other day and saw something similar to what is pictured above? All I could think of was the 90’s, and then again when I was 15, and op shopping and how I spent a good portion of my time trying to make them look good on me and they NEVER DID.

So maybe it’s bitter resentment at the fact they made me look like a short and frumpy child or that yet again it was another thing I couldn’t pull off, no matter how hard I tried. But really? Are they really something we are going to see everywhere come summer? Am I really going to have to try again because I never learn from any of my past mistakes? Because maybe, just maybe, it will work this time around?
I doubt they work for me in 2011, and limited knowledge or not, I can’t really see them working for summer 2011. Maybe I’ll be eating my words, but we will wait and see.

* I also like to name drop, and I am oh so good at it.


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