Things I wish I understood but I don’t: Health and Fitness

I went for a run today. Hopefully it was the first of many days in which I go for a run. If you know me, you know I avoid exercise. I don’t mind mucking around with a random game of basketball or having a dance session, but I hardly ever look to exercise intentionally. That is unitl spring comes around and it is a mad rush to get a little, Ok a lot, more beach presentable. And around this time every year I start a health kick that usually comes to a halt by the time I’ve hit the food coma that is known as the afternoon of December 25th. But as I say every year, THIS is my year. Not 2008, not 2009, not even 2010, but THIS is my year. And I hope it stays around longer than a few months this time. Actually, Im attempting to make it a lifestyle, of fresh food, healthy body image and maybe a sprinkling of Lorna Jane. Wish me luck. 


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