One week down. Approximately 47 to go.

This week was the first week of my new design school. Previously, I was at a university but have made the switch to CATC and I am definitely not regretting it.
The thing I love the most Commercial Arts Training College is that is is every. single. day. of. the. week, so I am living and breathing design. Prior to starting on Monday I have had SIX MONTHS of holidays from uni. Thats half a year, and my love and interest in graphic design had definitely suffered but in five days I have gone from not wanting to study at all to not being able to get enough of it.

So week one is done and dusted. I have drawn an elephant (yes, I drew something, and it looked good! This college is deserving of my money already!), learnt at least five new things about my mac and pretty much drowned in the wonder that is typography. So bring on week two, Adobe CS 5 and the colour wheel! CATC you make 6 am wake ups worth it!


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