Lyon Apprentice, Fairchild Republic + Cub Scouts @ The Loft.

It should be noted that The Loft on Chevron Island (Gold Coast, AU) is fast becoming my favourite place to be found in on Saturday nights. Or any night for that matter. You cannot beat the relaxed vibe, killer tunes and the fact that this little nook on an island has a incredibly eclectic interior. I like to imagine it as a house, as I am convinced it was one before it was made into a jazz bar, and think of how cool it would be to have an little abode like that. But back to those killer tunes, last Saturday night I was fortunate enough to add three more bands to my have seen list- Lyon Apprentice, Fairchild Republic and Cub Scouts.

Lyon Apprentice was a duo of brothers who performed songs that I swear I had heard before, but quite obviously hadn’t. I like music like this, where you are so comfortable with it that it’s like hearing an old friend; it makes for very easy listening. Adam Lyons vocal were enchanting, so incredibly clear and full, and I had to pick my chin up off the floor as soon as he uttered that first note. There’s something so riveting, and talented, about a duo who can still achieve an amazingly full sound and it is definitely a credit to their musicianship.

Fairchild Republic played next and we were treated again to the Lyons brothers, as they are part of this band as well. They played some amazing originals and the songs they played off their forthcoming album were awesome and it will definitely be purchased asap by this little lady. The stand out song of the set would have had to be Arcadia. It was so catchy, I just wanted to get up and dance. It was the perfect ending to an amazing set and a great little lead in to the next band, Cub Scouts

I thought I hadn’t heard of them before until I realised that they had previously been referred to as ‘Tim Nelson and the Cub Scouts’. These guys were incredible and I can’t decide what made me smile more. The 2 Nords they had, their cover of Jumpin’ Jumpin’ or that fact that Tim Nelson will forever remind me of Josh Thomas. Cub Scouts have an amazing talent for lyrics and incredibly catchy hooks. Intriguing lyrics are one of my favourite things and the fact that these guys could write songs about cute dogs named Evie and getting into car crashes blew my mind. I am super excited about their upcoming EP and even more so because it is going to contain a song titled ‘Hands’ which was my favourite song of the night. Anyone who can write a beautiful song about a girl who is enchanted by cadavers gets a tick in my book.

“I watched her tear your heart right out of your chest, / and it made me start to think that maybe it’s not fair, / though I know you’re not aware. / With her hands all over your lungs, / and your vessels in her palms, / a smile lights her face, / bodies all over the place.”

Between Lyon Apprentice, Fairchild Republic and Cub Scouts, my music collection is about the get a well timed, and desperately needed burst of happy. Last Saturday night was another crazy night of new music and fun times and if you need something new to liven up your iTunes, check these three bands out, or maybe even go see them live. You will not be disappointed.

Stay classy,


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