Tuesday Favourites: Albums

I never used to be able to name entire albums that I adored. Maybe it’s a sign of changing musical tastes, or because I am getting older, but I have recently been able to find not only amazing songs, but whole albums. Below are 6 current favourites:

1. Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette.
I don’t know what it is about this album. I first got my hands on it when I was 14 and a die hard Dawson’s fan and they used ‘You Learn’ on one episode. My mum had this on tape deck from 1995 but at fourteen I was enamoured by the raw honesty and completely ‘out there’ lyrics. This album was my ‘shh don’t tell my parents, I am so rebellious’ album. It gave me so much as a teenager and will always have a place in my top 10.

2. Our Version Of Events – Emeli Sande.
I first heard Emeli on someones automatic music player on their tumblr. The song was Heaven and I loved it. Since then I always thought about getting her album but never got around to it. Well recently I was able to add it to my collection and I am in love. It is a stunning album and I adore every single song, both musically and lyrically. Stand out songs, if I had to pick, would have to be Clown, Read All About It and River.

3. Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm – Benjamin Francis Leftwich.
Never before has an album so quickly become a favourite. and by quickly I mean iTunes finished downloading about an hour and a half ago. I stumbled upon this last night when Finn Harries tweeted about the song Atlas Hands and I was in love half way through the first play. This album is one of those soundtrack albums. I had it playing before, and I was painting my nails and drinking tea and there was candles and I was in bliss. This album is like that anyway, but add it to the perfect setting and you have struck gold. Favourite songs would have to be Atlas Hands, Don’t Go Slow, Butterfly Culture and Stole Your Away.

4. Up All Night – One Direction.
I know , I know, it’s One Direction but I can’t help it. I’ve never been able say no to a good boy band. They’re British, incredibly beautiful, lovely voices and oh so catchy songs. Whats not to love? My favourite song is definitely Taken. It is kinda, sorta, maybe 47 play counts above all the others.

5. Born To Die – Lana Del Rey.
I didn’t get the whole Lane Del Rey fascination until someone gave me her entire album to listen to. Listening to her album is completely different then randomly hearing one song over and over on the radio. To put it simply, I cannot get enough of this girl. If you want to make your Lana Del Rey love even bigger, look up the set from Splendour in the Grass. You can thank me later. Fave songs: Video Games, Carmen and Summertime Sadness.

6. A Pretty Decent Cape In My Closet – Shane Koyzcan and The Short Story Long.
This album is totally different to the other five seeing as it’s spoken word infused with music and vocals. I cant put this into words, this album constantly brings me to tears. Everyone needs to listen to it once, just to see if it’s their thing. Fave tracks: Atlantis, The Crickets Have Arthritis, Stop Signs, Apology, Let Me Go.

What’s some of your favourite albums, either of late or or all time?
stay inspired,


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