Far Above Rubies Or Pearls.

She is beautiful but the world sometimes tells her different. She is strong even with the world against her. She will overcome, even when everyone around her tells her no. I spent my Saturday night with some of the girls of our youth ministry, being girly, taking photos and eating something disgusting every time I forget to preface one of the girls name with the word princess. This happened a lot, in fact way too many times for my liking. These nights happen (almost) yearly, with each year being as special and as impacting as the last. As a teenager, I grew up in this church, and these sleepovers are some of my best memories. I remembering hearing the stories of those whom I now call friends, and thinking how amazing they were and how incredibly lucky I was to do life with them. Fast forward to now and I have somehow become apart of the amazing team who bring events like this together, and above anything in my life, it is this that is my greatest honour. To try and give a group of amazing young people what was so freely given to me will be a feat that sometimes seems too big, but when it is achieved, it is an indescribable joy. To my youth girls: you are all one in a million, and doing life with you all is so much fun. keep being who you are cause that will always be the best version of you! Your “value is far above rubies or pearls”.
princess, daughter, warrior


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