Haul Post: Christmas 2012.

So every year I receive way more than I ever ask for. I am always so incredibly blessed and am given so many nice things. I may also do a youtube video for this haul, so stay tuned for that. Also these photos were edited using stunning photoshop actions from http://posterpsd.tumblr.com

Typo Clock & Owl: I adore these. The owl goes perfect with the rest of my room (white and birds) and the clock looks very beautiful next to my vintage editions of Wuthering Heights and To Kill A Mockingbird (the spines are red).
THG Series: I already own these but the new are covers are to die for. I am in love with the silver foil, minimal design and colour consistency. Props to my brothers GF who mentioned these to him are seeing me freak out over them on instagram.
Stella by Stella McCartney: I have never owned anything by Stella McCartney but the package and bottle won me over straight away. The scent is a little more mature then I usually wear but is very deep, floral and a little understatedly sexy.
Heat by Beyonce: I love this perfume. Very inexpensive, cute, sweet and girly. Both my mum and I love it, in fact she bought me this for christmas while my brother bought her exactly the same thing.
iPhone Case: This iphone case is actually a photo a friend took of a stained glassed window in Italy and looks stunning on absolutely anything.
Max Brenner’s Hug Mug: These mugs are the cutest thing to drink hot chocolate out of. Holding it so close keeps you so warm and snuggly.

I hope you all had an amazing christmas also.
What did you all get from Santa this year?
Happy Holidays,


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