And That’s A Wrap: 2012

Twenty Twelve is closing just as it began, quietly and beautifully, in awe of the simpler things in life. This post is 2012 in images, an idea gathered from the lovely Katie over at What Katie Does. Her blog is one of my many favourites and has been such an inspiration to me, as both a designer and  a blogger. Twenty twelve has honestly been the best year of my life. I finally found my niche, my passion and fingers crossed, my future career. I have 19 days left until my last assignment, and then one month until it’s graduation. After that I am officially a qualified graphic designer. Something tells me 2013 is going to be nothing like I am expecting or can imagine. And I am so so excited. But before midnight rolls around, I leave you with my 2012 through a lens. I hope your year was as beautiful as mine, and if not, I hope 2013 is your year, and so much more. x
January: Bought an iPhone and attended a pretty big day out.
February: Started studying full time at CATC.
March: Quicksilver Pro and met Jamie Tworkowski, from TWLOHA.
April: Watched the sun rise for Easter.
May: Saw the Cub Scouts play.
June: Turned twenty two.
 July: Learnt the trumpet at music camp.

August: Went on a road trip to Newcastle.
September: Volunteered for a week in Brisbane’s inner city.
October: Went to the DIVEST exhibition.
 November: Went to a lantern festival.
 December: Spent a weekend in Sydney-town.
Tomorrow we will run faster,
stretch our arms out farther.

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