Inspiré par Disney: A Photographical Tribute.

Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing one of best girls I know. As one of my final assignments for college, I have to photograph a series of photos, one for each letter of the alphabet – que Inspiré par Disney This collection of images is a sneak peak of the final product, but say hello to Pocahontas, Jane (from Tarzan),  The Princess (from the Princess and the Frog), Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and Rapunzel. They’re hiding underneath the jump. I cannot wait to finish this baby off and have a complete set of Disney and Fairy Tale inspired photos. What would be your favourite Disney character to dress up as? x

“If you can dream it, you can do it”. – Walt Disney.

Photoshop Actions by Poster PSD (check her out, her actions and psd’s are stunning. Perfect for the beginner or those who like a sneaky bit of beautiful help.)


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