Tea and Crazy Love

Today marked the last day of doing nothing before college goes back for my final two weeks ever! These last two weeks haven given me the worst anxiety, for no reason whatsoever as I am nicely up to date with every thing (possibly ahead) but still, these last few days have been horrible. So today, after sorting out one school related thing, I endeavoured to do everything but study and forced myself to have some time out. Enter some retail therapy in the form of tea cups, candles and Koorong sales. I am now sitting drinking tea out of my massive new mug, and reading my beautiful new magazines while blasting the Les Mis film soundtrack. Heres to less anxiety, new things, huge cups of tea, revolution and some crazy, crazy love. x

Drops Like Stars – Rob Bell:
This was something I grabbed last minute, it was a bargain at only $10, and thats not even including Koorong’s 20% off sale! The typesetting inside is gorgeous, with differentiating fonts and type weights and sizes. It was the tagline on the back cover that made me purchase this though: “thoughts on creativity and suffering”. As a creative person, some of my best songs/words/artwork has come out of the worst times. I think it also is referring to “creativity” as something being created,  outside of art, within suffering.  I’m looking forward to reading this and I am also a major Rob Bell/Nooma fan, so this was an all round awesome add to my library.

Crazy Love – Francis Chan:I am super, super excited to reads this! I have heard a lot about how amazing is, but not a lot on what is actually about.  I think I’ve been needing a book like this, or something that changes how I see things again. Blue Like jazz did that the first time, so I hope this is a similar experience. “Because when you’re wildly in love with someone it changes everything”.

Notebook – Little Paper Trail: Very cute notebook by Little Paper Trail. I had never heard of this company but this notebook is amazing, so I am going to be buying more their stuff in the future. It is filled with lined pages as well as really cool quotes and scripture in really nice typography.

Along with these three books, I also grabbed myself two issues of Enhance Magazine. I found out about this magazine about a year ago and I fell in love. It is everything I love about magazines – paper, illustrations, articles and typography all with a christian message. I cannot wait to dive in to these. This magazine is also one I would love to volunteer for, if I ever get the opportunity.

All in all I had a pretty successfully shopping day. Fingers crossed I get through week 1 of this crazy end of college. The Sunshine Coast, village markets and endless coffees are waiting for me on Saturday. Also, have you read any of these books? Opinions, thoughts, comments?

Hope is the Anchor for my soul,


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