Tea With Me

If you were to have tea with me today, we probably would go somewhere quiet, where they served peppermint hot chocolates, and the only other sounds were the sleepy murmurs of a rainy thursday evening. My parents house is too small and suffocating for the big dreams I wish to share. I would tell you I went shopping today, and bought new sketchbooks and magazines and got frozen yogurt on the way home. And I would ask how your day was also. I hope it was good.

We would talk about our plans for the year and how can it be march already but also how january feels like forever ago. I am sure many ideas, plans and dreams would be shared. I hope, I wish, I am so excited about… What does 2013 look like for you? Different to how it did on new years eve? 2013 for me is huge, and exciting and unsure.
I got my first post-grad job this week so I would probably talk a lot about that, and mention the same things over and over because I tend to do that when I am excited/nervous about something. I would talk non stop about how I hope things will be.

But enough about me, whats new with you?
How is uni? And work? And church?
What are you up to over the weekend?
Did you get the job you wanted?
What crafty little projects are you working on?
Tell me everything.

Before we finished our tea I would give you a list of movies,books and music I am loving, and would you do the same? Some of my favourite things are things that are so loved by others. It makes them extra special. Maybe you could tell me next time we meet.

Thank you for coming to tea with me, it was lovely.

tea with me is a link up with the lovely Em over at teacups too.


3 thoughts on “Tea With Me

  1. Em says:

    Oh I love this post, sorry it's taken me so long to join you for that tea! Your new job sounds exciting!
    I really enjoyed sharing that over a tea with you, especially the “rainy thursday evening” part. It hasn't rained here in a while, and tea is much more cosy in rainy weather! lets do it again sometime! xo

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