copyright samanth jayne designs 2012

Names by Valley Maker is probably my number one song for January. It’s indie folk and it uses an acoustic guitar–some of my favourite things. It also highlights one of my favourite characteristics of God (can you even have a favourite?) and His penchant of changing people. Of not leaving someone the same as they were.

I don’t want to call you what I used to call you 
Everybody, everybody’s fading 
So just let me name you 

So just let me name you–Abraham, Sarah, Israel.
So just let me name you–Samantha.
So just let me name you– ___________.

The me in that sentence is God. And sometimes letting Him name me, rather than the world, is the biggest obstacle. Abraham, Sarah, Israel, Samantha. He who couldn’t see it, she who didn’t wait and a nation born of struggle. I am quite sure I have been all of those things and I am so thankful that God loves to forever change and re-name us. That He never leaves me the same as He found me, and will always continue to find me.

(you can also read the rest of the lyrics here).


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