You’ll See Me Tomorrow


You’ll see me tomorrow because I want to be there so show you it gets better. That life is sweet and pure joy tastes so good. I’ll be there tomorrow to show you that, in case you can’t feel it to be true right now.

I promise you that there are people who love you deeply. They might be by your side or they might not be around right now, but I can tell you they are coming. There will be people who make you laugh so light and free that you’ll wonder how you ever had a care in the world. They will stand beside you on the days that are heavy and keep you confined to the stillness of your bed.

There is coffee to drink and adventures to be had and books to read and moments to be lived. There are dreams and hopes and stories to be told. Stories only you can tell. Stories that won’t be finished if you aren’t there to write them. Those are the stories that matter most.

You are important.
You are loved.
You are needed.
You are irreplaceable.

There is a song that says “tomorrow will be kinder”. I pray you believe that. Please stay until you know that to be true. There are people who will fight this battle beside you. You are not alone.

Life is worth living.

We’ll see you tomorrow.

** Both these words and the above image were posted in September for World Suicide Prevention Day and ‘We’ll See You Tomorrow‘ (as organised by TWLOHA). Words and Illustration by yours truly, image used from Unsplash.


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